Flexible learning

Discover your flexible learning options as we return to in-person learning.

Students walking up steps on campus

We’re excited to be able to offer the fully immersive university pathway experience once again, by welcoming students back on campus to live and study in Sydney.  We also have flexible options available for students who are still impacted by COVID-19.

The Chinese Ministry of Education has changed their policy on remote study. Information for Chinese students here.

Welcoming students to campus

Students like you bring such vibrancy to the UNSW College campus, with rich culture, insight and enthusiasm that benefits the wider Sydney community.

Face-to-face classes have now resumed and the energy on campus has been revitalising for the members of our global community, who have been learning and teaching online over the past year.  We are excited to see more international students returning to face-to-face learning from March 2023 and are looking forward to welcoming all students back by 30 June 2023, as per Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) requirements.

All new students are encouraged to plan to commence their studies in person in Australia. Please obtain your visa, book your flights, and arrange your accommodation in Sydney as early as possible to avoid delays and disappointment.  

If you are a new student and are unable to travel to Sydney to start your classes, fill out this form, and you will be timetabled into hybrid classes wherever possible.

  • If you are an existing student, please try to plan your travel to Sydney as soon as possible.
  • If you need to commence your studies offshore due to Covid travel restrictions, you still need to apply for a student visa.
  • If you are yet to commence your studies, refer to the table below for expected timings for your return to campus.
Cohort name Program start date Recommended In-person start dates Hybrid available (mix of in-person & online students together in same class)
Online available
Diploma B (Term 2)
(For new & continuing students)
8 May 2023
5 May 2023
(Orientation Day)
Yes - until 30 June No
Foundation A Standard 27 March 2023
22 March 2023
(Orientation Day)
Yes – until 30 June
Labs & some lectures only
Foundation B Standard Extended 13 March 2023
8 March 2023 (Orientation Day) Yes Hybrid only
Foundation B Standard Plus 22 May 2023 17/05/2023
(Orientation Day)
Yes Labs & some lectures only
Transition B
3 April 2023
29 March 2023
(Orientation Day)
Yes Labs & some lectures only
Foundation C Extended
19 June 2023 14 June 2023
(Orientation Day)
Yes N/A

To ensure you have the correct information, we suggest you stay up to date with the latest official Government announcements.

For further information and updates, visit Study NSW.

Our top tips for international students

  • Stay up to date with information from UNSW College.
    We will communicate the latest information on this webpage and via email, so it is important that you check your email account regularly. 
  • Apply for your student visa as soon as possible.
    Once you have enrolled at UNSW College and received your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), start your student visa application immediately. We recommend you apply early even if you begin your studies online because visa processing times vary.
  • Book your Sydney Accommodation.
    Once you have your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) in hand, the next step will be to book your accommodation in Sydney. Find out what accommodation option suits you best, or email our accommodation team to support you with this task. 
  • And if you are under 18 years old, you must email our Under 18 team who will direct you to approved accommodation. 
  • Get excited!
    We are! Sydney is a vibrant city full of culture and adventure. Our Sydney campus is where you’ll meet new friends and have amazing new experiences. We cannot wait to welcome you.
  • Follow us on social media.
    Make sure you’re following us on social media to see what our students are up to.


FAQs for Chinese international students regarding the Chinese Ministry of Education's policy change for students studying remotely

    • You may continue to take classes online until 30 June whilst you prepare for your travel to Sydney. Please keep detailed records and documentation that demonstrates your efforts to travel as this is a CSCSE requirement.
    • If you are not able to arrive in Sydney by 30 June, you may need to defer your studies by applying for Program Leave (Diploma students) or Applying to Repeat (Foundation and Academic English Programs) until such time that you can travel. Please contact our Enrolment team to discuss your options: enrolments@unswcollege.edu.au
    • If your visa is not issued in time, or your flight is cancelled, or your accommodation cannot be booked, you are advised to keep the evidence of the date your visa is granted (i.e. your visa grant letter), flight cancellation email, and other relevant supporting documents and submit them together with your application for accreditation by the CSCSE in order to pass their accreditation successfully. CSCSE is mindful of the difficult task of returning to Australia on such short notice.
    • Once you have a confirmed travel date, you will need to contact our timetable team and request to Change study mode from Online to In-person classes. Our team will do their best to meet your request, however in some circumstances classes may be full and you may need to wait until you can move to in-person classes. Regardless, please do not delay your travel to Sydney. 

    To request to change your study mode from Online to In-person, please email:

    • For all other enquiries regarding this announcement, please contact enquiries@unswcollege.edu.au and we will aim to respond to you as quickly as possible. 

General FAQs

    • International students with eligible visas can now travel to Sydney without having to apply for an exemption.
    • It is important to submit your application to UNSW College, accept your offer and enrol as soon as possible. Once you have enrolled, you will receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for your student visa application. Visa application processing times vary and when you can jump on a plane will be dependent on receiving your visa first, so we recommend that you apply for your visa as soon as you can.
    • All international students are expected to return to Australia by 30 June 2023. We will keep providing flexible study options to students commencing prior to that date. Diploma students starting from May 2023 onwards will only be offered face-to-face classes. Foundation students commencing July 2023 onwards will only be offered face-to face learning. 
    • We encourage you to focus on your application to UNSW College, accept your offer and enrol as soon as possible to begin your student visa application process. Your student visa is essential for travel to Australia.

    Before you travel, you must ensure that you meet the requirements for entry to Sydney.

    Are there current COVID-19 travel requirements for entry into Sydney, Australia?

    • From 6 July 2022, travellers to Australia will no longer need to:
      • fill out a Digital Passenger Declaration or Maritime Travel Declaration.
      • provide evidence of their vaccination status.
      • have an exemption if they are unvaccinated.
    • International travellers visiting NSW:
      • are not required take a COVID-19 test on arrival.
      • are not required to wear a face mask in airports but must wear a mask while on aircraft flying above NSW and in some other settings.
      • We recommend that international students planning to travel to Australia stay up to date with the international arrivals requirements
    • With international borders now open, and all NSW universities and schools also open, our teaching and learning is increasingly being delivered face-to-face. More classes will be scheduled for face-to-face delivery as the year continues with 100 per cent face-to-face classes available by July. We look forward to welcoming all students back to campus for face-to-face learning by 30 June 2023.
    • Read more information and travel requirements
    • We will keep you informed on announcements for international students by the Australian Government. We recommend you also bookmark the Study Australia website for the latest travel advice. 
    • From 6 July 2022, travellers to Australia will no longer need to:
      • provide evidence of their vaccination status
      • have an exemption if they are unvaccinated
    1. Accept your offer
      Accept your offer and enrol in your UNSW College program. 
    2. Be travel ready
      Ensure you have a valid passport. 
    3. Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW)
      Under 18 students who are planning to live in Australia without their own parent or guardian must submit a CAAW form from UNSW College in order to confirm student welfare and accommodation plans before a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) can be issued. Click here for the CAAW document
    4. Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
      To apply for a student visa, you need to provide a COE for all your enrolled programs. For example: your current Foundation Studies Program and your future UNSW undergraduate degree program. 
    5. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
      To apply for a student visa, all international students must have health cover for the entire duration of their study. Medibank is the preferred OSHC provider for UNSW and UNSW College. Students who wish to apply for OSHC with Medibank Private should contact UNSW College Admissions for detail.
    6. Genuine temporary entrant requirement
      All applicants for a student visa are required to show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. The GTE requirement requires that all student visa applicants must provide a personal statement in English addressing the GTE requirement and in addition, you must supply the required supporting documentation. You can find out specific details of your GTE requirement on the immi home affairs Government website 
    7. Submit your student visa application
      If you have an education agent who helped you apply to UNSW College, you can ask the agent for assistance to submit the student visa application. 
    • If you are under 18 without a parent or a guardian in Sydney, there are additional, Under 18 care arrangements relating to your application, accommodation and visa requirements you need to meet before you can travel to Sydney.

      Under 18 Care Program
    • If you travel to Australia, without receiving written approval from UNSW College your CAAW will be cancelled, and this may result in the cancellation of your student visa.
    • If you have any questions or need advice or support making your student accommodation and travel arrangements, please contact our Under 18 team
    • After you have accepted your offer and paid your required tuition fees, UNSW College will issue you with the relevant CoE that you need to apply for your student visa.
  • We recommend that you book flights when you: 

    • From March 2023, we expect most students to be studying in-person unless you are unable to arrive in Sydney due to COVID policies in your home country (including extended quarantine or lockdown periods), or due to documented health reasons, which may make it difficult for you to return. If you are unable to arrive in March due to these reasons, you will be timetabled into hybrid classes. 
    • All students must arrive in Sydney for in-person classes by 30 June.
    • If you are unable to travel to Sydney from March 2023, please fill out this form
  • Whilst we continue the transition to 100% face-to-face, on-campus learning, we will also continue to offer online learning and support to any international students who cannot travel to Sydney in the coming months. Those students will continue to have a dedicated online timetable and will be expected to meet our 90% + overall attendance requirement. Lectures, classes, tutorials, labs, exams and assessments will continue to be offered online and will be recorded where appropriate.

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