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Karen Alfaro - UEEC student from Peru

Yousif, from Iraq

Name: Yousif Midhat Khalid
Program: Diploma in Engineering 
Country of origin: Iraq 

Yousif loved his UNSW College experience, saying the Diploma in Engineering prepared him exceptionally well for his next step, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at UNSW. He felt fully immersed in university life, able to make the most of UNSW’s location and facilities – for both social and study experiences. Living and studying in Sydney has also been a big positive for Yousif, making new friends from many different cultures and being able to cycle to campus, enjoy UNSW’s vast green spaces and visit Sydney’s famous beaches all summer. He chose a pathway to UNSW because of its reputation as a leading university in Australia and around the world, creating career-driven, well-equipped students. 

“The Student Support team were some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They were there to help me so many times with lots of different enquiries, so we developed a relationship that was more like a friendship. This was the same with the tutors and lecturers – everyone is very supportive.” 


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Claudia, from Indonesia

Name: Claudia Velda Widjaja 
Program: Diploma in Science 
Country of origin: Indonesia 

With Indonesia’s curriculum not accepted for direct entry to UNSW, Claudia says that UNSW College gave her the chance to continue her university dream, without any added time. The Diploma in Science equipped Claudia with the knowledge she needed to launch straight into second year at university, while the first-year equivalent curriculum and extra attention from tutors gave her the opportunity to really think about the degree major she wanted to choose. She has decided to progress to a bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Microbiology. Claudia lives near campus, loves all the green spaces to relax or study, and enjoys being able to easily explore Sydney and its multitude of events with accessible public transport.  

“The teaching staff always encouraged the class to ask questions and to partake in class discussions, and I like the reasonably small class numbers so everyone has the opportunity to do this. Our tutors help review new content from lectures, making it easier to grasp.” 

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Monica, from Philippines

Name: Monica Andrea Macapagal 
Program: Foundation Studies  
Country of origin: Philippines 

Monica has had her sights set on UNSW since she was in high school, and a visit to campus while on holiday in Sydney confirmed that it was the university she wanted to go to. The Foundation Studies Program helped Monica by laying out the basic skills she needed and helping her transition to studying in Australia, so she feels prepared when progressing to her chosen degree. She loves being on a big campus, with so many places to study and hang out with friends. Another big plus is the efficient and safe public transport system, and the relaxed lifestyle Sydneysiders enjoy.  

“I enjoy the diversity and being around people from all walks of life. I get to meet a lot of people and learn new things from them. Everyone is also so welcoming no matter where you come from.”

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Sahel, from India

Name: Sahel Mohammed 
Program: Foundation Studies  
Country of origin: India

Sahel wanted to gain direct entry into a bachelor’s degree in Commerce & Information Systems at UNSW, to help kickstart his career – that’s why he chose the Foundation Studies Program. He says the UNSW College teaching staff are really friendly and encourage interaction with students, making classes fun and learning easier. Studying in Sydney was a big attraction for Sahel; he’s a people person and wanted to be somewhere where he could feel part of a community and be social. He loves that people in Sydney are friendly and share his passion for sport.  

“For me, the location and facilities are a definite positive factor as UNSW remains relatively close to the city and good public transport means it’s quick and fun to get around.”

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Yin Ziqi, from China

Name: Yin Ziqi 
Program: UEEC 
Country of origin: China

Yin knew he needed to improve his English to gain entry to UNSW, but he also wanted to familiarise himself with life in Australia before he started university. The University English Entry Course (UEEC) was the perfect fit. He says he has now got the skills for success in his future studies, including writing English essays, emails, letters and preparing presentations. Living close to the Law library, Yin can study until late and get home safely, which helps support his academic goals.  

“What I love about Sydney is the friendly citizens, beautiful Bondi beach and leisurely lifestyle. They also have the best coffee in the world by the way.” 

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Linxiong (Frankie), from China 

Name: Linxiong (Frankie) Zhu 
Program: Foundation Studies 
Country of origin: China

Looking for a pathway into Australia’s top Engineering faculty at UNSW, Frankie chose UNSW College’s Foundation Studies Program. He explains that he knew the program had a great reputation and student success rate, and it is important to him to have a solid foundation for future studies. Within the competitiveness of a top faculty like Engineering, he wants to have all the tools he needs to succeed.  

“The teaching staff here are professional, friendly and helpful. The student support is near perfect – the accommodation officers here helped me secure my studio apartment in just two days. It really helped me feel settled and ready to start studying.” 

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Maria, from Philippines

Name: Maria Andreanna Santos 
Program: Foundation Studies 
Country of origin: Philippines

Maria started her Foundation Studies Program as pathway to a Commerce degree at UNSW, because the university is so well known for its Business courses. One of the reasons she loves studying here is because of the diversity of UNSW students. There are people from all over the world, giving Maria the chance to learn about different cultures. She loves feeling safe and welcome in Sydney, and enjoys dining out at so many great restaurants close to home. 

“The teaching staff are very helpful and emphasise what's important to know for exams and what exactly you need to focus on.” 

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Hamood, from Pakistan

Name: Hamood Ur Rehman 
Program: Foundation Studies 
Country of origin: Pakistan

When Hamood was researching universities in Australia, he found out UNSW was number one for the course he wanted to do. His journey began to find out how to get there – and Foundation Studies at UNSW College was the perfect fit. He says the program will improve his knowledge of Commerce and Mathematics, which he’ll need for his next step to university. 

“I live less than 3.5km from campus, and all the main beaches of Sydney are close to my place. It’s a peaceful place to live and really easy to get to university or anywhere else.”

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Meiwie, from China 

Name: Meiwie Chen 
Program: FEEC 
Country of origin: China

While studying the Foundation English Entry Course (FEEC), Meiwie has learned many skills that she can hold onto throughout her university journey. This includes essay formatting, how a tutorial is run and how to take useful lecture notes – not to mention all the opportunity to practise and improve her English. She is grateful for the support she’s had access to, receiving one-on-one guidance for any problems, whether academic or personal.  

“There are so many out-of-school activities that you can join. We have been to the museum and the beach, which not only showed us the beautiful scenery, but also encouraged me to get to know my classmates and make friends.” 

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