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Ready to begin your experience at a world top-50 university but don’t know where to start? With a range of world-renowned programs and courses, on campus in Sydney, in your home country or region or online, UNSW College can help you find the right path for your goals and dreams.

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What is a pathway?

Not everybody’s education goals are the same. For that reason, UNSW College has developed different pathways that can help take you from where you are today to where you want to be. These pathways help you get the most out of your studies by helping you improve your English, prepare for Australian university learning and introducing you to some of the course material you will use. 

Why choose a UNSW College pathway? 

You should consider a UNSW College pathway if you are an international student and you: 

  • need additional support to help make the transition from high school to university 
  • have not met the criteria for direct entry into a UNSW degree 
  • have not finished high school 
  • need to improve your English skills 
  • are not ready to move to Sydney. 

Explore our pathways

The best UNSW College for you will depend on several factors, including your current academic and English language ability and your education goals. That’s why we have developed several pathways for international students, all of which use approved UNSW Sydney course material and are taught by experienced teachers. 


Duration: 12 months
Progression: Second Year at UNSW Sydney

Learn the same content as other First-Year UNSW Sydney students in this 12-month program. Upon successful completion you’ll earn direct entry into Second Year in your Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Media & Communications, or Science degree.

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Foundation Studies

Duration: 4 – 16 months
Progression: First Year at UNSW Sydney

Foundation Studies offers four programs, Transition, Standard, Plus and Extended, which are tailored to different abilities and move at a pace that works for you – with the right support and flexibility to reach your study and career goals faster. Foundation Studies is the pathway to all UNSW bachelor’s degree programs.


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Transition Program Online

Duration: 4 months
Progression: First Year at UNSW Sydney

Bridge the gap between high school and university with this fast four-month program that gets you ready to start your degree, with direct entry into UNSW upon successful completion. With Transition Program Online, you can study from home, or wherever you are.


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Academic English

Duration: 5 – 30 weeks
Progression: Various pathways

Improve your English so you can reach your full potential. You’ll use real UNSW course material to improve your writing, speaking and reading skills to give better presentations, conduct better research and communicate clearly with teachers and students.


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How to choose your pathway

Step 1.

Choose your UNSW Sydney degree based on your interests and career goals to determine which stream you’ll enter.

If you need help, check out Progression to UNSW Sydney

Step 2.

Research your stream to see which one will prepare you for your chosen degree.

You can start here:

Step 3.

Find out which Pathway suits you best by checking requirements for entry.

Check requirements for your country/region and compare your scores in areas such as English and standardised testing for your home country/region.

Step 4.

When you find the right program, decide on which study mode suits you best – on campus at UNSW Sydney, on campus in your home country or online.

Not all programs are available in all study modes, so check what your options are.

Step 5.

Check intake dates to see which suit your schedule.

Step 6.

Start your application process and get ready to set off on your UNSW College pathway.

Ready to apply?

Need some help? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help walk you through these steps or be happy to answer any questions to help you get started.