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At UNSW College we understand the important role you play in helping your child choose the right pathway for their academic success.

Paving the way to a world top 20 university 

UNSW College offers pathways programs to help your child progress to First Year or Second Year of their chosen UNSW bachelor’s degree and succeed in their dream careers. 

At UNSW College, your child will be immersed in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse learning environments, offering programs to help your child progress to their dream degree at UNSW Sydney.

UNSW College prepares your child for success, with knowledge skills and experience combined.

graduates in Foundation and Diploma
in Australia to deliver pathway programs
years preparing students for university


Join a safe, welcoming, and diverse student community

Sydney is one of the safest and most liveable cities in the world: diverse and inclusive, and made up of global citizens.

UNSW College is committed to the safety of all students – from the moment your child arrives to living in Sydney and their time spent studying on campus. Your child will feel safe and supported as they settle into one of the safest cities in the world*.

Safety on campus  

We provide several key safety measures on campus and we’re here to support students in their transition to living safely in Sydney.

When your child is on campus, they will have access to a range of key safety measures in place at UNSW to ensure they feel safe and supported when studying, attending class and visiting campus.

Students have access to

  • 24/7 Campus emergency service
  • 24/7 General campus security
  • 24/7 Site security office 

Campus emergency service, general campus security and the security site office are open at all times on the UNSW main campus.

At UNSW students have access to the StaySafe@UNSW app where they can

  • Request a security escort   
  • Track the night security shuttle  
  • Locate help points around campus  
  • Activate the work alone feature  
  • Activate the friends walk feature  
  • Access support resources  
  • Report safety concerns


Supported for success

Your child’s supported pathway to their chosen UNSW Degree – small classes and personalised learning your child will feel supported every step of the way by Industry‑leading teachers and round the clock support, helping to build their future.

UNSW College is more than just a place to prepare for university; it is a supportive community for students from around the world – here at UNSW College we offer support from day one.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive, respectful and diverse learning environment. From the moment your child considers us as a potential pathway, dedicated teams are available to help and support your child throughout their academic journey and with any personal supports they may require.

Our dedicated teams are here to help with everything from airport transfers, accommodation and academic support to foster success in your child’s academic studies.

Our promise 

At UNSW College every student deserves the right to a safe space to discuss issues and concerns and challenges that they may face during their time spent studying with us and transitioning to UNSW.

We encourage every student to reach out and know that they will be supported where they need it most. Support for every student at UNSW College is tailored to their individual needs.

We understand that there are many factors that can contribute to feeling stressed and overwhelmed, especially when moving to a new country.

As well as offering several key academic support measures, we have a strong focus on ensuring your child feels supported in every aspect of journey with UNSW College.

Adjusting to life in Sydney

  • Support with every day essential tasks such as, opening an Australian bank account.
  • Understanding working rights in Australia should your child want to secure a part time Job while studying at UNSW College.
  • Learning the public transport system and help with getting an opal card.

Personal and family issues

  • Dealing with personal issues that your child may face
  • Homesickness 
  • Health and wellbeing

General study advice

  • Tailored learning support related to your child's course work.
  • Academic advice regarding current course or next steps to UNSW. 

Financial difficulties

  • Budgeting 
  • Understanding working rights in Australia 

Enrolment advice

  • Help with enrolling in classes 
  • Course progression advice and information 

Understanding UNSW College policies and procedures

  • We provide a range of policy and procedure documents that can help your child better prepare for their studies at UNSW College.

Connecting students to services including;

  • Medical and psychological services, legal and translation support services.

Disability support services,

  • education adjustments if your child needs additional support during their studies due to having disability or a medical or mental health issue.

Key support for under 18 students

Accommodation support and information

Under 18 students

Support for under 18 students

We understand that sending your child to study overseas, while an exciting time, can also be a very stressful and overwhelming time as a parent.

At UNSW College we have a dedicated Student Support team to provide quality care and support to our students where and when it is needed. We are also here to assist you as a parent with necessary information or advice you may require. 

Ensuring the safety of your child is paramount, that is why we offer a range of resources specifically tailored for under 18 students and their parents, so you know your child is safe for the moment they commence their journey with UNSW College.

We have clear rules and requirements in place for under 18 student to ensure safety and wellbeing.

We hold specific under 18 student workshops and orientation sessions ensuring that students feel comfortable and supported in their transition to studying with us at UNSW College.

All under 18 students at UNSW College must allow at least 5 working days for approval from a Student Adviser if they wish to

  • Stay somewhere else for a night or travel out of Sydney
  • Change your accommodation (where you live)
  • Return home (to your home country) during the school holidays
  • Make any changes to current enrolment


Under 18 students who are not living with an approved guardian are required to live in approved under 18 student accommodation, as part of their student visa agreement.

We offer a range of  under 18 student approved accommodation, including Homestay. Under 18 students who are not living with an approved parent or guardian in Sydney are required to live in approved under 18 student accommodation, as part of their student visa agreement.

We offer a range of campus accommodation, including fully catered options best tailored to your child's individual needs

Accommodation rules for under 18 students

  • Curfew: You must remain in your room from 10pm – 6am.
  • Visitors: You must have approval to have visitors in your room. 
  • Staying Away: You must have written approval from a Student Adviser if you are planning to stay outside your approved accommodation. For example, if your parents are visiting Sydney.

You can find out more about accommodation options available to under 18 students via the accommodation page.

Under 18's Care Program 

Our under 18's Care Program provides you with detailed information on your child’s approved accommodation requirements, student support, visa and enrolment requirements and assists you with necessary information and advice.  

UNSW College has a clear policy to notify parents or guardians if rules for under 18 students are breached. Serious breaches may result in cancellation of your child's CAAW which may result in cancellation of a student visa 

Under 18 Care Program 

Our under 18 Care Program provides you with detailed information on your child’s approved accommodation requirements, student support, visa and enrolment requirements and assists you with necessary information and advice.  

Parent Information Sessions

If you are a parent of an under 18 student, you are invited and welcomed to attend a Parent Information session at the start of your child’s term. This session is designed to inform parents about their child’s learning journey as well as the different tailored support networks available to your child. This is an opportunity for parents to ask questions and engage with student advisors.

Liaising with Parents Individually

Parents can liaise with student advisors individually regarding important matters related to student course progression, attendance, accommodation, or any welfare related issue they may have in relation to their child. 

Things to know if your child is under 18 years

As a parent of an under 18 student you will need to provide authorisation for your child to apply to UNSW College. You can read additional information and authorise your child's application by downloading a copy of the Under 18 parent and guardian authorisation form.

Under 18s students, are required to use our airport transfer service when they arrive in Sydney ensuring they make it safely to their accommodation provider. You can book this service using our Airport Pickup Form.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of under 18 students, students must contact us prior to their arrival in Sydney.

You can read more information about Under 18 Student visa requirements & care arrangements by downloading a copy of the Under 18 Student and visa requirements & care arrangements document.

Life in Sydney

We are here to help make your child’s study abroad experience the best it can be, we understand that transitioning to life in another country can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to help your child settle into life in Sydney and transition to study at UNSW College.

There are a range of key things to consider when your child is preparing to join us here in Sydney. From preparing to depart and arrive safely in Sydney, airport transfers, to using the public transport networks, arranging the best accommodation to suit your child’s individual needs, understanding the cost of living, and budgeting effectively.

Living in Sydney

We want your child to feel at home in their home away from home, there are number of key accommodation providers that your child can consider when planning their stay in Sydney.

If you child should choose to rent privately, we can support them in the process of choosing and securing a place that is right for them.

You can find out more information about accommodation providers.

There are several key safety measures to consider when renting privately.

  • Avoid non-regulated sites such as WeChat, Facebook. 
  • Sign a contract. A contract will include such things as dates of stay, weekly rent fee, cancellation policy and mention any extra fees.
  • Ensure your Rental Bond (security deposit) is lodged with the Department of Fair Trading. This is standard private rental procedure in Australia.
  • Keep accurate records including all payment receipts, landlord’s full name and email address (you need more than their WeChat name), rental company or real estate agent’s office address and phone number.
  • Don’t hand over money for a property you haven’t inspected (inside and out).
  • Make sure you understand the tenancy agreement (contract) before you sign it. If students require help, they can contact our Accommodation Team

If your child is under 18 years of age, they must live with an approved accommodation provider.

Student life

At UNSW College we value the on campus experience both inside the classroom and out. Each calendar year at UNSW College we hold activities and events that students can participate in.

From joining Study Club, designed to help your child work on assessment tasks, improve English skills and gain academic support outside the classroom, to attending weekly campus activities run by our Student Experience officers.

Students can attend off campus social events guided by the Student Experience team, to explore Sydney and get acquainted with the local culture.

There are several clubs and societies on the UNSW campus giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in university life, connect with UNSW Faculties, meet new people and make lifelong connections that will last long after their studies are complete.

*4th Safest City, Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index, 2021

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