Premium spaces. Thoughtfully designed for study and collaboration.

Students talking and studying in common room with bubble tea

Depending on your program, being a UNSW College student gives you access to UNSW’s world-class library, design studios, engineering and science labs, right across the street from our campus. There are also online resources and an after-hours Study Club, so you can reach your potential faster. 

To support you in your studies, you’ll find a range of cafés, restaurants and supermarkets to keep your energy levels up. Plus, our fitness and aquatic centre, tennis courts and sporting fields will help to ensure you stay fit all year round.  

Our campus has recently had an upgrade, and we’re very pleased to welcome you to our student-focused spaces, all designed for you. 

Computer labs 

Our focus is on BYOD (bring your own device) – with wi-fi available across the whole campus – but we also know the importance of a good screen. In our two new computer labs, we have 34-inch widescreen high definition curved monitors. You can simply plug in your device, charging it at the same time. 

Student Services

Here you will find our Student Services team ready to help you with any administration needs. 

Student Common Room 

Come and hang out here! Featuring a brand-new kitchen with a microwave wall, as well as a secure charging station, the Student Common Room is a welcoming and well designed space for students to meet up between classes. 

Student Hub 

A study lounge area filled with natural light, relaxed seating, lounges and an area for private group work and individual study. This space has been designed using modular furniture to ensure flexibility. It’s the perfect place to focus on your study, whether self-directed or as part of our social Study Club. 


This new and vibrant space provides comfortable courtyard seating among tranquil greenery, and motorised shade sails to protect against weather. There’s a ping-pong table set up and ready to play, and there’s a coffee cart on the way, too.  

Learning Support Unit (LSU) 

Our Learning Support Unit is a cosy library and study space that offers a quiet place to work, with printing and photocopying options, and friendly staff to help you.  

Explore the UNSW campus 

In addition to the spaces above, we encourage all students to explore main campus where there are places to eat, shop, play sport, exercise and spend time with friends.