Secure guaranteed entry* into your chosen postgraduate degree at UNSW

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If you don’t qualify for a UNSW master's degree but you have completed a relevant undergraduate degree, enrol in a UNSW College Pre-Masters Program and you can complete your master's degree in the minimum time.

Our Pre-Masters Program is designed to provide you with additional academic support (and English language support if required) to meet the entry requirements needed to progress to a postgraduate degree at UNSW Sydney. It offers an opportunity for you to enhance your critical thinking, academic writing, project management, research, and communication skills to succeed in the future.

Your pathway with a Pre-Masters Program

Completion of undergraduate degree progresses to Pre-Masters Program (15 weeks) progresses to Master's degree at UNSW Sydney Completion of undergraduate degree progresses to Pre-Masters Program (15 weeks) progresses to Master's degree at UNSW Sydney

Why choose UNSW College?

Guaranteed entry to a world top 20 university 

UNSW Sydney is consistently recognised as a top-ranking university. By securing guaranteed entry, you gain the opportunity to study at a prestigious institution with a strong academic reputation, which can enhance your credentials and open doors to better career prospects.

Education excellence       

Your teachers are committed to providing an immersive, high-quality teaching and learning environment.

They possess subject expertise, provide personalised guidance, serve as mentors, and foster critical thinking skills. Their dedication enhances student learning outcomes and contributes to a positive and enriching educational experience.

Supported and ready to succeed 

You will have access to world-class UNSW facilities (like libraries, design studios, computer, engineering and science labs), clubs and societies from day one, with the added support of UNSW College behind you. With smaller class sizes, teachers can devote more time and attention to each individual. 

Our Specialisations

Pre-Masters (Engineering)

Study at the #1 ranked Engineering school in Australia. This program is developed to help you develop the key skills necessary to conduct effective academic research, improve overall literacy skills, and learn the fundamentals of innovation, entrepreneurship, engineering, and project management.  

Pre-Masters (Information Technology)

Expand your career opportunities. This program allows you to focus on core subjects and topics relevant to the field of Information Technology, ensuring a seamless transition to postgraduate studies at UNSW Sydney. On successful completion, you will progress to a master’s degree at the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering. 

  • Diploma and Pre-Masters Courses

    Each Diploma and Pre-Masters course that a student undertakes at UNSW College is assessed using a variety of methods, resulting in a final mark for each course. This result generally takes the form of a mark between 0 and 100 and this mark determines a student’s final grade.

    The Table below explains the course grades applied to UNSW College Diploma and Pre-Masters courses:


    Grade Descriptor

    Grade Definition

    Mark Range



    High Distinction

    An outstanding performance that indicates the student has demonstrated a high level of understanding across the entire content of the course.

    85% - 100%





    A superior performance that indicates the student has demonstrated the ability to consider the course and its assessment requirements from a number of perspectives and to explore their interrelation.


    75% - 84%





    A good performance indicating that the student can think analytically and contextually about the course and its assessment requirements, and to understand / present alternative points of view / perspectives and supporting evidence.


    65% - 74%






    An acceptable level of performance indicating that the student has addressed the assessment requirements of the course and has demonstrated an acceptable understanding of the issues entailed.



    50% - 64%






    Unsatisfactory performance, below the minimum expected level. This grade characterises work which shows a significant lack of understanding of the topic or its context and is therefore unsatisfactory.


    < 50%






    Successful completion of a course for which a graded pass is not awarded. No mark is given so courses with this grade are not included in the calculation of a student’s WAM. However, the units of credit are counted as successfully completed, when calculating a student’s Risk Level.






    Unsatisfactory Fail


    Unsatisfactory performance in an essential component of the course.






    Results not finalised


    Result not finalised. The student has submitted a request for Special Consideration, for which the outcome is pending.






    Results not finalised


    The student has not submitted or completed one or more components of the assessment required.






    Academic Withdrawal


    Academic Withdrawal. Student discontinued the course after the deadline to drop without academic penalty but before the last day of the teaching period. The AW grade is not included in the calculation of the student’s WAM. However, it is counted as a failed course when calculating Risk Level. The AW grade becomes part of a student’s official academic record, so it is included on their academic transcript.



  • Equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) is a measure of a student's study load. A full-time student's annual study load is 1.0 EFTSL.

    At UNSW College, a full-time enrolment in the 15-week Pre-Masters Program is 18 units of credit. Each subject is typically worth the same number of units of credit and generates the same load (EFTSL) no matter which program it's in or when you take it. Most courses at UNSW College are worth 6 units of credit (6UOC).


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