If you’re a high-achieving student with good English skills and big goals to study at university, a UNSW Diploma can get you there.  

This 12-month program in Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Media and Communication or Science will launch you straight into Second Year of your chosen undergraduate degree. 

If you are a domestic student and qualify for the UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway, you may be eligible to study a UNSW Global Diploma program. For more information, download the Diploma flyer.

Your journey with a Diploma Program

High School Year 12 progresses to UNSW Diploma Program progresses to Second Year at UNSW Sydney High School Year 12 progresses to UNSW Diploma Program progresses to Second Year at UNSW Sydney

Why choose UNSW College?

Equivalent to First Year 

As a Diploma student, you will study course content equivalent to your First Year of university, with all content recognised by UNSW – so you’re learning the same as students in a First Year degree program. You get more attention and support, so you feel confident when it’s time to progress. 

Direct path to Second Year 

If you just missed out on direct entry into UNSW and need some extra support, this program could be the best way to keep your university plans on track – without adding extra months or years on to your journey. 

Supported and ready to succeed 

You will have access to world-class UNSW facilities (like libraries, design studios, computer, engineering and science labs), clubs and societies from day one, with the added support of UNSW College behind you. This means small tutorial class sizes averaging 20 students, and personalised consultations with your teachers. 

Our Diplomas

Diploma in Architecture

Learn about architectural design, history and communications, plus the science behind building environments. On successful completion, you can enter the Second Year of a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honours) or Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) at UNSW’s top-five faculty in Arts and Humanities.

Diploma in Business

Your first step towards a career in business and finance. This program is your pathway to the Bachelor of Commerce. On successful completion, you can progress straight into Second Year of an undergraduate degree at UNSW Business School, one of the top-ranked business schools in Australia.

Diploma in Computer Science

This diploma focuses on the design and construction of computer systems. When you successfully complete the program, you can progress straight into the Second Year of a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree, accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

Diploma in Engineering

Build a solid background in mathematics, natural sciences and computing, in preparation for a career in Engineering. This program lets you move into Second Year at UNSW Sydney, where you will be studying at the #1 ranked Engineering faculty in Australia.

Diploma in Media and Communication

In the fast-paced and constantly changing world of media and communication, this program will give you an introduction to a range of study areas including cinema studies, communication and journalism, media studies, public relations and advertising and screen production. Then you can move straight into Second Year of a Bachelor of Media degree.

Diploma in Science

A powerful step towards further study and a career in the sciences. Learn the practical and theoretical skills to move into Second Year of a Bachelor of Science degree at UNSW Sydney, which has more than 400 staff and 700 researchers.