We are UNSW College

We’ve changed our name to UNSW College to better reflect our inclusive and growing diverse community of students. UNSW College provides the same prestigious education experience and continues to support students with opportunities to progress into their chosen degree at UNSW Sydney.

UNSW College entrance

A proud past and a bright future for English Language and international education excellence! Over the past 50 years, we have helped more than 40,000 graduates achieve their dreams of studying at university, it’s a legacy of international education that we are extremely proud of.   

Our transition to UNSW College

Welcoming students from a diverse range of backgrounds and nations is a big part of who we are at UNSW College. That’s why the UNSW Institute of Languages was first established in 1966, Australia’s first Foundation Studies program launched in 1989, and our first TNE campuses opened in 1994,  all becoming UNSW Global in 2007 and paving the way for UNSW College in 2023.

Our journey

Why College?

The term college is well renowned and better reflects our past, present and future as a leading international education pathway provider for students from all corners of the globe.

We can assure you that we will continue to strive for educational excellence and strengthen our foundation as the leading pathway provider to UNSW Sydney. UNSW College is committed to providing the very same learning environment for students to discover their strengths and grow. 


  • For prospective students, please rest assured that nothing other than the UNSW College name and logo has changed. Your enrolment, classes and learning journey will remain the same.

    Further communications regarding your enrolment will be delivered by UNSW College.  

  • For students currently enrolled or applying at UNSW College your progression will not be affected by the name change to UNSW College. UNSW College will remain a leading pathway to UNSW Sydney.

  • The application process to UNSW College and the entry requirements will remain the same. Students can apply by visiting the apply now page.

Opening a world of possibilities for learning

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"We welcome students from all backgrounds, nationalities and abilities; we guide and support our students to fulfil their potential and celebrate their success as our own."

Sarah Lightfoot